My passion for nutrition grew out of a fascination with human physiology that began back in high school. As I began studying both nutrition and psychology in college, my interest in these fields only intensified. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from James Madison University and then completed a rotational internship program to become credentialed as a Registered Dietitian.

My next experience was also crucial to shaping my view of American food and diet culture – I moved abroad to Spain for a year. It was very formative not only to observe Europeans’ relationships with food, but to contrast it with Americans’. I later appreciated that this experience provided me with another tool to help clients broaden their perspective.

Once I moved back to the States and began working with clients, I quickly realized that the traditional approach - calorie restriction for weight loss - was not the answer to promoting true physical and mental health. When I discovered the concept of Intuitive Eating, it immediately clicked – this was my personal philosophy put into words! I then eagerly began reviewing the research behind the Health at Every Size movement and found the evidence indisputable. I knew this was the direction I wanted and needed to go with my career as a dietitian.


I have a strong background in counseling, with experience in one-on-one nutrition counseling in a variety of settings: on-campus with college students, in an outpatient clinic with older adults, and most recently with adults in private practice and within a corporate wellness model.

I value education highly and am constantly seeking opportunities to learn more about my field. I have pursued advanced training and/or certification in the areas of eating disorders, gut health, and food sensitivities.

Practice Philosophy

I have always felt that having a positive relationship with food is the foundation of health and well-being. It is my hope to help you solidify that foundation and come to a place of peace around food.

Together, we will challenge previously held ideas about food and body, using non-diet nutrition education, mindfulness techniques, and your personal experience as a guide.

I offer compassionate, non-judgmental support, and my approach is practical and down-to-earth with a touch of humor. I hope to be your ally to help you reach your health goals and grow in confidence along the journey towards improved well-being.


**please note that Katie practices out of California, so services for clients in the Charlotte area will remain virtual only.